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Heart of Darkness

A haunting song of reliving the dark moments of our past. A grown man returns to the location of distant memories, perhaps from when he was a child. Things that he had experienced or witnessed that he has managed to forget. A secret evil that refused to remain silent. The man may have been too young to know what was happening at the time, but his conscience feels the guilt just the same.
He follows the path to the shore, almost travelling back in time to when it all happened. He sees all the others there, urging him onwards, to join them. They have all crossed over, they have paid the price for their sins, all of them are gone, all but one...

Last night I saw it there, shining in the dark again,
The light that all men seem to fear,
They say that sailors were drowning in the bay,
And people kept away,
Waiting for the riches that a wreck would bring,
When the morning comes,
And on and on that light returns again,
To haunt the ones who would not hear the pain;

I took the old path down, climbing over rocks and stones,
The place I knew when I was young,
And in my fear I had to carry on,
Where no-one else had gone,
Looking in the heart of darkness from above,
To the man inside,
I took my chance and set off for the light,
And started the journey of my life;

And in the darkest hour that light was calling me,
Through the doorway to another world,
And there below me I saw all the days of my life,
Till the moment I stood on the shore,
Worlds away, this was my destiny,
To be back here in another time,
And all around me I saw the faces that I knew,
Reaching out, "there is nothing to fear,"
Worlds away,
Come with me;

Last night I saw it there, shining in the dark again,
The light that all men seem to fear;

Come with me, come with me, come with me...