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It was February 21st, 1989, oh so many years ago. The stadium was crowded, but all was silent. A hush had fallen across the crowd as our fearless storyteller came to the center of the stage to tell us a story. It began with a simple tale of how he and his band members had frequented the local pubs, including "The Split Duck" and "The Thirsty Crow". (Two of the local bars were "The Thirsty Duck" and "The Split Crow").
He told us that as he was leaving one of these places of ill repute, he passed by a dark alleyway and an old man, dressed in rags, grabbed him warmly by the leg. Surprised by the man, he stopped to listen to the old man's words. Leaning close to his ear, the old man whispered "I have a story I would like to tell you... it's about a Spanish Train-"
Naturally, at this point the hush that had fallen upon the stadium was shattered and the song began. As it neared the end, at the time when the Devil was telling the Lord that his hand won, CdeB reached into his suit pocket and pulled out a deck of cards which he immediately flung into the crowd.
My brave sister risked life and limb to dive for one of the cards and it is that card which you see here today. Ahhhh, if only it were the eight of spades, but one cannot complain.