Crusader (1979)

"And if a man should say to you, love just brings you pain, you tell him no, my woman's something else again."

"Then the Fool said Oh you Wise men, you really make me laugh, with your talk of vast persuasion and searching through the past, there is only greed and evil in the men who fight today. The Song of the Crusader has long since gone away."

  1. Carry On
  2. I Had the Love in My Eyes
  3. Something Else Again
  4. The Girl With April in Her Eyes
  5. Just in Time
  6. Carry On (reprise)
  7. The Devil's Eye
  8. It's Such a Long Way Home
  9. Old-Fashioned People
  10. Quiet Moments
  11. Crusader
    1. The Fall of Jerusalem
    2. In the Court of Saladin
    3. The Battlefield
    4. Finale
  12. You and Me
The true Chris de Burgh classic. An album that takes you away to a distant time and place of magic and gods and knights... and of course, love. The album contains his longest song(ignoring his trilogies) and also his shortest, "You and Me", the little singer, leaving the stage, bidding his audience adieu. "The Devil's Eye" is an unofficial sequel to his "Spanish Train" as the devil comes through the television to suck out everyone's soul.
If you've always wondered what language he's speaking in the background of "Carry On", it's English. The only thing is that he wrote the words down backwards and read them that way. It reads: "Set a course for the stars: destination unknown. The universe is calling the world towards her last and final resting place."
Personal favorites on this one would have to be "The Girl With April in He Eyes" and "Carry On" with its beautiful piano solo at the beginning.