Eastern Wind
Eastern Wind (1980)

"Yesterday I saw a seabird wheeling light and low. Then she sailed off west like she was telling me the way to go. If I had her wings my love I'd be with you tonight, but my last hope has gone, it's drifting out of sight."
  1. The Traveller
  2. The Record Company Bash
  3. Tonight
  4. Wall of Silence
  5. Flying Home
  6. Shadows and Lights
  7. Sailor
  8. Some Things Never Change
  9. Tourist Attraction
  10. Eastern Wind
One of CdeB's oddest albums. It was recorded in Canada and certainly has the feel of someone who has been touring for a little too long. A very cynical collection with such songs as "The Record Company Bash" (as our singer watches all the lunatics who attend such functions), "Wall of Silence" (young girl heads off to Hollywood to be a big star, finds it's not all glitter), and "Tourist Attraction" (an all too true description of what's ruining all the lovely places of the world).
The first and last songs on the album are probably the best, along with "Flying Home" which should be self-descriptive.