Flying Colours
Flying Colours

"There is an answer, some day we will know, and you will ask her, why she had to go. We live and die, we laugh and we cry, and you must take away the pain, before you can begin to live again."

  1. Sailing Away
  2. Carry Me (like a fire in your heart)
  3. Tender Hands
  4. A Night On the River
  5. Leather On My Shoes
  6. Suddenly Love
  7. The Simple Truth (a child is born)
  8. Missing You
  9. I'm Not Scared Anymore
  10. Don't Look Back
  11. Just a Word Away
  12. The Risen Lord
  13. The Last Time I Cried

A beautiful follow up to his smash hit "Into the Light". The CD contains the additional track of "The Simple Truth" which came from a mini album released the previous year. This song was also the title theme for a charity concert which CdeB helped organize.
A wide variety of songs here, ranging from the silly ("A Night On a River" where our hero gets in a fight with his gal while skinny-dipping and she takes off in the car, with his clothes...) mystically religious ("The Risen Lord") to the tragedy of "The Last Time I Cried" and "Carry Me".
Favorites include "Carry Me", "Sailing Away", "I'm Not Scared Anymore", and "The Simple Truth".