The Getaway
The Getaway (1982)

"We have lost once before, now we'll settle the score, when our cannons will roar - Revolution!"
  1. Don't Pay the Ferryman
  2. Living on the Island
  3. Crying and Laughing
  4. I'm Counting on You
  5. The Getaway
  6. Ship to Shore
  7. All the Love I Have Inside
  8. Borderline
  9. Where Peaceful Waters Flow
  10. The Revolution
  11. Light a Fire
  12. Liberty
One of his very best. An album filled with tragic and powerful songs. The beautifully sweet "All the Love I Have Inside", the inspiring "Where Peaceful Waters Flow" (which he has used to end his concerts on several occasions.) Heartrending songs of loss in "Crying and Laughing " and "Borderline", and powerhouse songs such as "Don't Pay the Ferryman" and the "Revolution" trilogy to balance things out.
CdeB earned wide recognition for the dark and creepy video for "Ferryman" and had to explain time and time again what exactly the song meant.