Into the Light
Into the Light (1986)

"Since yesterday - we're just the same, since yesterday - nothing has changed, since yesterday - we're just the same, but I can feel there's a new kind of hunger inside, to be satisfied, I saw it there last night."
  1. Last Night [6:08]
  2. Fire on the Water [4:28]
  3. The Ballroom of Romance [4:27]
  4. The Lady in Red [4:16]
  5. Say Goodbye To It All [5:22]
  6. The Spirit of Man [4:40]
  7. Fatal Hesitation [4:16]
  8. One Word (Straight to the Heart) [4:31]
  9. For Rosanna [3:40]
  10. The Leader [2:16]
  11. The Vision [3:14]
  12. What About Me? [3:06]

The album that really made CdeB known world-wide. The ballad "Lady in Red" went to number one in countries all around the globe. This album contains a sequel to the tragic "Borderline" from his Getaway album as well as another trilogy, this one dealing with the calling forth of a great leader to fight a cataclysmic battle. He also writes a nice little song for his daughter Rosanna. My favorite from this album would have to be "Last Night".