Man on the Line
Man on the Line (1984)

"She is sleeping now, softly in the night, and in my heart of darkness she has been the only light. I am lost in love, looking at her face, and still I hear the voice of reason telling me to chase these dreams away."
  1. The Ecstasy of Flight (I Love the Night) [4:00]
  2. Sight and Touch [3:17]
  3. Taking It To the Top [4:00]
  4. The Head and the Heart [3:59]
  5. The Sound of a Gun [4:30]
  6. High On Emotion [4:22]
  7. Much More Than This [2:57]
  8. Man on the Line [4:24]
  9. Moonlight and Vodka [3:39]
  10. Transmission Ends [5:56]
This was the album that first started me (and a lot of other people in Tatamagouche) on to CdeB. After listening to this album I realized that he was the guy who sang "Don't Pay the Ferryman" and that the album "Spanish Train and Other Stories" was not a children's album of tales. My favorite song of all time is on this album: "The Head and the Heart". I heard it at the perfect time in my life to use it as an anthem and it's haunted me ever since. The entire album has the special advantage of coming out at the exact right time and right place for me. After this album, I had to buy everything CdeB made.

One of the oddest songs would be "Moonlight and Vodka", a really sombre tale of a spy in Russia complaining about the food, the beer, the cold, everything. I think we all get in that kind of mood sometimes. Appropriate for the year, there is also the "Big Brother" inspired "Sight and Touch", and the album ends with the beautifully haunting and mysterious "Transmission Ends".