Power of Ten
Power of Ten

"Last night I saw it there, shining in the dark again, the light that all men seem to fear."
  1. Where We Will Be Going [4:29]
  2. By My Side [4:06]
  3. Heart of Darkness [4:53]
  4. In Your Eyes [4:40]
  5. Separate Tables [3:36]
  6. Talk to Me [3:48]
  7. Brother John [4:54]
  8. The Connemara Coast [3:50]
  9. Shine On [4:59]
  10. A Celebration [3:48]
  11. She Means Everything to Me [3:35]
  12. Making the Perfect Man [5:36]

For his tenth studio album, CdeB makes "Power of Ten" and gives us twelve new songs. Among the very best on this album are "The Connemara Coast" (with some lovely musical assistance from "The Chieftans"), "Where We Will Be Going" (does anyone know what Yeats poem he's quoting in here), and "Heart of Darkness", a very haunting song of visiting old wrongs.