Spanish Train and Other Stories
Spanish Train and Other Stories (1975)

"I thought the streets of London would be paved with gold, but the only gold was in the setting sun, and these city nights are so cold."

  1. Spanish Train [5:00]
  2. Lonely Sky [3:52]
  3. This Song For You [4:14]
  4. Patricia the Stripper [3:30]
  5. A Spaceman Came Travelling [5:10]
  6. I'm Going Home [3:34]
  7. The Painter [4:20]
  8. Old Friend [3:40]
  9. The Tower [5:22]
  10. Just Another Poor Boy [4:46]

It's amazing how many people actually have a copy of this album in their collection and don't realize it's the same guy who sings "The Lady in Red". Most people remember it for the title track and perhaps "Patricia the Stripper". (It's a great song to use in lip-sync contests, I won one contest and came in second with another using it.) For me, the best songs are "A Spaceman Came Travelling" and "The Tower". Overall, a wonderful collection of stories, including a poker game between God and the Devil, a hunter who falls in love with the goddess of nature, a husband who's upset by the painter who's drawing his wife's portrait and several religious stories with a twist. It wasn't until several years after I bought this album that I noticed the "eye" in the clouds on the cover.