This Way Up
This Way Up (1994)

"There are those who fail, there are those who fall, there are those who will never win. Then there are those who fight, for the things they believe, and these are men, like you, and me."
  1. This Silent World
  2. This Is Love
  3. This Weight On Me
  4. Here Is Your Paradise
  5. Oh My Brave Hearts
  6. Blonde Hair, Blue Jeans
  7. The Son and the Father
  8. Up Here In Heaven
  9. You Are the Reason
  10. Love's Got a Hold On Me
  11. The Snows of New York

The absolute unthinkable, I was actually disappointed with this album. It had to happen eventually I guess, I have such incredible expectations for his albums. As is, there are still seven great songs here. (For most artists, they're doing well if they have three or four.) This is his first album where the word "except" appeared after "all songs written by Chris De Burgh". However, it was only a couple people co-writing the music, the lyrics are still all CdeB. (So what mood was he in when he wrote "Blonde Hair, Blue Jeans"?)

"Oh My Brave Hearts" (I somehow adopted this as the theme song to Mel Gibson's "Braveheart") and "Up Here In Heaven" are easily the best songs on the album, with "The Snows Of New York" close behind.